About Us

Originally established by an abalone diver, Baily Marine has always been run from the perspective of “how best can we serve the marine industry?” and we are proud of the reputation of high quality repairs and good customer service we have built within the industry.

In August of 2018 Craig and Michelle Woolford purchased the business with Craig coming in with a background in diesel to small engine mechanics right through to sales, so he gets the customers needs. And when they’re not busy working in the business, both Craig and Michelle love spending time on the water with their 3 kids!

Our long serving marine technicians have over 25 years of combined experience, in all fields of marine mechanics, so whether you’re fishing with friends on the weekend, or you run a large commercial fishing operation, we’ve got you covered.

We’ve performed a lot of work for fish farms, which is some of the most punishing conditions you can inflict on a marine engine. So if you’re wondering if we can fix it, we probably can.
We’re always happy to help and take great pride in our customers’ satisfaction, as well as our reputation in the marine industry for quality service.

Our staff have been trained on MAST legislation and safety issues that relates to the recreation and commercial boater.  If you are looking for boating safety equipment talk to us to receive the right advice.