The 2024 JetBlaster delivers an exciting, freestyle riding experience like no other sit down watercraft before.

Inspired by the agility and manoeuvrability of Yamaha’s legendary SuperJet, this craft combines the freedom of a stand-up with the versatility of a sit-down personal watercraft, to deliver next level thrills and performance.

The key to the unique performance and innovative design is the custom-tuned electric trim, built-in footwell chocks and raised action handlebars.

The electric trim gives the rider the ability to pop out of the water, do spins and other exciting maneuvers, while the built-in footwell chocks, located towards the rear of the craft, allow the rider to adjust their riding position when freestyle riding.

The wide mounted, high action handlebars, provide increased leverage over the craft, allowing the rider to quickly change direction and execute extreme moves with ease.

In addition to these unique features, the JetBlaster comes with an extremely light-weight and compact hull - combined with Yamaha’s award-winning TR-1 High Output purpose-built marine engine - delivering an extremely powerful and agile on-water performance. 

Hitting the water has never been this much fun!


  • Dunbier Sports Water Toy Trailer with 12 months registration
  • Genuine Yamaha flush hose and tie downs
  • Fire extinguisher
  • MAST registration


Technical Specification

Length 3140
Width 1130
Height 1150
Weight 249
Rider capacity 3
Engine 4-stroke, 3-cyl DOHC, TR-1 Marine Engine
Displacement 1049.0
Bore 82 x 66.2
Compression 11.0:1
Supercharger No
Cooling Low-maintenance. Open Looped Cooling
Pump 144mm Axial Flow
Lubrication Dry Sump
Fuel Electronic Fuel Injection
Fuel Tank 50
Oil 4.3
Storage 29